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Shoe Care & Protect Essential Kit

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    Finally after many requests and months of research we have partnered with Europe's premium shoe care experts to bring you an all vegan, non-toxic, must-have vegan shoe care & protect kit. We highly recommend these solvent-free gentle products to waterproof and keep all of your BHAVA shoes looking brand new year after year.  All products are made in Germany and utilize the latest formulations in non-toxic and vegan shoe care. Perfect for all BHAVA footwear including our Editor boot, vegan suede, and textile products.
    • Box contains:
    • Vegan protector spray with organic olive oil 200ml
    • Vegan spot clean lotion with organic bamboo 200ml
    • Wood cleaning brush with synthetic bristles
    • Polishing cloth

BHAVA Footwear Conversion & Measurement 

Your order is 100% guaranteed, but we are happy to answer any questions about fit and comfort. sales@bhavastudio.com 

EU Size     US Size     Foot Length CM/IN 
  35                  5                  22CM /8.5 "                       
  36                   6                  23 CM /9 "
  37                   7                  24CM /9.5"
  38                   8                  25CM /10"
  39                   9                  26CM /10.5"
  40                  10                 27CM /11"
  41                 11                 28CM /11.5"
  42                   12                 29CM /12"
To measure your feet, stand with the back of your heels against a straight edge or wall.
Measure your foot length by placing a ruler flat on the floor straight alongside the inside of your foot from your heel to your toes. Place an object with a flat edge straight across your toes with the edge touching the tip of your longest toe. Take the measurement from the ruler where the flat edge crosses. This is your foot length measurement.
E-mail us at sales@bhavastudio.com with any questions.