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eco organic shoe cleaner


We have bundled our favorite organic and non-toxic shoe care products into a kit!

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All of our shoes are designed to last.  It is important to keep an eye on the rubber sole of your shoes.  Depending on how often you wear your Bhavas, and if you live in an urban setting, we recommend checking your sole every few months and repairing at the end of the season with a new rubber bottom before they wear down to the wood.
Everyday Upkeep
A quick once-over with a lint brush will restore the sensuous nap and soft luster of Ultrasuede. Periodically, it’s also recommended to vacuum the fabric and then dust it gently but thoroughly with a well-wrung damp cloth or sponge. Take care not to get the fabric too wet. Redampen your cloth or sponge in clean water, wipe again and let dry overnight. Once completely dry, rejuvenate the fabric with a gentle  brushing.
Spot Cleaning
For spills, gently pat the spilled liquid with a paper towel. This will take care of most spills. For dried-in soiling, coffee stains and the like, you’ll obtain the best results by gently brushing the stained area. Vacuuming up the dried material is also effective.
If the above method doesn’t work, try wiping the stained area from the outside in with a well-wrung cloth dampened in lukewarm water (about 105ºF/40ºC).
It’s important to make sure you keep a clean area of the cloth applied to the stain and that you not rub the fabric too hard.
If the surface nap looks tousled, brush it gently.
After wiping up, allow the fabric to dry completely before using.
Oil-Based Stains Not Removable with Water
Try to wipe up oily stains as much as possible—without spreading the stain—with a dry cloth or paper towel.
Next, take two rags, one soaked in ethyl alcohol, the other clean and dry. Pat the stained area from the outside in with the alcohol-soaked cloth, then pat the loosened dirt and oil off with the dry cloth.
Repeat depending on degree of soiling.
After removing the stain, let the fabric dry completely before using.
Caution: Never pour a cleaning product directly onto Ultrasuede. If you use ethyl alcohol, make sure the room is well-ventilated and avoid contact with open flames.
Chewing-gum and Wax
Put ice in a plastic bag and place on the stain. Once the material hardens, gently chip it away and then treat with ethyl alcohol. Rinse with clean water.
Stubborn Stains
Try repeating the treatments described above; even stains that are not water-soluble often require subsequent treatment with water.
Stains of Unknown Origin
First treat with lukewarm water, then rinse by blotting with clean water. If the stain begins to dissolve, repeat the treatment as often as necessary and let dry thoroughly. If staining persists, try treating with ethyl alcohol.
For the organic cotton footbed and hand woven cotton.  Wash any dirt or mud as soon as possible with a little water and soap if necessary only on the spot. If the stain begins to dissolve, repeat the treatment as often as necessary and let dry thoroughly. 
Ultrasuede Stain Removal Chart:
These stains can be removed with water:
Coffee, Tea, Milk, Soda, Red wine, Liquor, Ketchup, Steak or Soy sauce, 
Heavier oil based stains can be removed with water or ethyl alcohol if necessary,
Oils, Chocolate, Cosmetics, Face Cream, Lipstick, Lotion, Shoe Polish.
Use only Ethyl Alcohol to clean machine oil.
Feel free to e-mail us at if you have any further questions.