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Article: Introducing the Editor boot for Fall!

Introducing the Editor boot for Fall!

Introducing the Editor boot for Fall!

The Editor Boot:

3 Questions with Designer Francisca Pineda

Last week was big for BHAVA. We launched our 3-in-1 convertible Editor Boot!
We’re stoked but not surprised that so many women are snatching up this shoe: Years in the making, the Editor is a luxurious but practical choice for anyone who wants a durable boot that is fashionable enough to inspire compliments, but does not in any way interfere with the ability to function. Plus, with its interchangeable shafts and endless styling options, the Editor is the crowning addition to today's conscious capsule and minimalist wardrobes, as well as the perfect travel shoe. Last but not least, like everything we make, it's also vegan and ethically-produced.
"It makes the BHAVA customer feel good to know that she is helping to support an independent brand trying to do what's right in an ocean of mass-produced products run with a profit-first mentality," says BHAVA founder and designer Francisca Pineda.
Here, Francisca gives us a behind the scenes look at how the concept came into existence, why she's so committed to ethical manufacturing, and what she'll be wearing with her pair this winter.
What sparked the idea for the Editor Boot?
Every shoe design for me starts with what I want to wear. I worked in the fashion industry a long time, and the first thing anyone looks at when you walk in the room is your shoes. I do love shoes, but have found it really hard to find a pair chic enough to stand up to the NY fashion industry and my personal ethical standards, which include vegan materials, durability, comfort, and responsible manufacturing. As far as aesthetics, I want the shoes to look as good as any pair in Barney's, but sourcing the right vegan materials and finding manufacturers willing to work with them is another story. After several years, I'm finally 100 percent confident in the design, quality, and comfort of this boot to launch a Kickstarter. The Editor is a concept we think speaks to the many travelistas out there who want to support a brand that is incorporating ethics in every way possible without sacrificing on aesthetics.
Why is it important for you to create footwear that’s not only fashionable but also ethically produced?
Incorporating ethics and sustainability into every design is a personal choice for me. There are no regulations to ensure the wellbeing of workers, integrity of materials, or the treatment of animals in this industry, and most companies want to keep it that way. In this day and age, there is no excuse to contribute the suffering of any animal or human to make a pair of shoes.  I’m not saying it’s easy, but it is a challenge I was willing to undertake. I personally visit all our manufacturers and handpick all our suppliers. That’s the only way we can be 100 percent sure of an ethical product.
What’s your favorite outfit to pair with the Editor Boot?
So far the classic knee-high boot is the clear favorite among our Kickstarter supporters, but the tan over-the-knee boot is the one I’m most looking forward to wearing with a soft and cozy sweater dress during the holidays. They are surprisingly elongating on the leg, and lately I am feeling like rich warm tones add a feeling of luxury and sophistication to any winter ensemble. Then, in the spring, I can look forward to wearing the ankle length tan booties with pretty vintage dresses!

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Great looking product and website! Congrats on creating a unique product!

Caroline Desjardins

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