Inspiration of the week, Anita Moorjani

Anita Moorjani's book Dying to Be Me about her NDE with cancer has been a huge source of inspiration in the last week for me.  This has been a long winter for us in New York, and since I love to be outdoors as much as possible, it was taking its toll.  Recommended to me by a close friend, my first thought was, "I don't have time to read another self-help book..."  So I did next best thing, got the audiobook :) A nice bonus to audio books, especially when narrated by the author, is that when listened to in repetition, the ideas seem to subconsciously sink in.  I don't have cancer but have had a life changing experience due to illness, but it was not because of this that I was inspired to keep listening.  Somehow it was a combination of many words I had heard before, but presented in a new way of seeing the world, life and emotions.  Maybe it was the right time for me to listen, or just her truth, whatever the reason I felt compelled to share my thoughts here. Anxiety and fear melt away when focused on the meaning of Anita's words.  Fear can strike when you least expect it, and often we don't recognize it.  Fear can surface as excuses, doubts, jealousy, a whole host of emotions with one common denominator.  Whatever it takes to stay to connected your truth, keep it near.  This world we live in sometimes feels like being the rope in a tug-of-war, pulled in so many directions.  It's a struggle we all experience. Stay true.


All my best,


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